any way to leverage git?

John Yates jyates at
Tue Apr 12 22:27:50 BST 2005

My thought was more that if the git abstraction is sufficiently abstract
and a useful building block then bzr ought to exploit it.  I would expect
the kernel team will in time devise an implementation that has acceptable
resource utilization.  If git can truly cope with the kernel's needs at
the sorts of speeds to which Linus aspires then I would assume that it will
be a while before bzr sees use on a project for which a layering on git
is unacceptable.


From: Oliver Xymoron [mailto:oxymoron at]

> I'm rather unhappy with the direction git is going in, primarily in
> that it's devoting a directory entry and an inode to every single file
> revision. The current kernel has about 200k such revisions and the
> average wasted space per file will be 2k.
> That means 400MB of wasted space. With the revfile approach, we should
> be able to fit the entire repository in that space.

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