Shane Holloway (IEEE) shane.holloway at
Mon Apr 11 20:02:09 BST 2005

Just wanted to say a quick hello to the Bazaar-NG folks.

First I'd like give you kudos about choosing python to develop in!  I 
think it is a much more sane choice than C for actually making progress 
toward a usable revisioning system that is maintainable.  :)  But then 
again, I'm a corrupt pythonista.  ;)  (Great argument showing that most 
revisioning systems are IO/Network bound, btw.)

As for me, I'm currently a subversion user mainly because of their 
awesome documentation and portability.  I don't really like the 
dependencies of building the system, and I have no desire to hack on the 
project.  I love the O(1) branches and being able to muck around with 
subdirectories without the entire repository.  I also like how easy it 
is to use.

However, I don't like not having a local repository for tracking small, 
rapid changes I make in experimentation.  Or for disconnected 
operations.  It begins to feel like free-climbing 15 meters above your 
last pin when you are at a customer site making lots of customizations. 
  And it sure would be nice to be able to make little repositories 
between two (or more) developers for conferences, prototyping 
jam-sessions, and the like.  ;)

I'm very encouraged by finding Bazaar-NG.  For one, in a language I 
think is a good choice for developing tools in.  For another, it is 
distributed and based on much newer ideas than SVN/CVS. Finally, because 
the project is in the initial stages and budding -- it is something I 
might even feel like hacking on!

Oh, and Hello!  ;)

-Shane Holloway

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