Making diff fast (was Re: Some notes on distributed SCM)

Aaron Bentley at
Mon Apr 11 00:27:26 BST 2005

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Daniel Phillips wrote:
> The 5 seconds is a one-time delay, basically once per turning your machine on.

It also depends on how likely the dentries are to get swapped out.

>>If we can find ways to make operations O(changed files), then we avoid
>>penalizing people with large projects.
>>If subsecond is the common case, that's great.  Otherwise, I really do
>>believe there's room for improvement.
> The point that has been made several times already is: we should not get hung 
> up on premature micro-optimization.  There are several crucial algorithms 
> that need to be put in place and functioning reliably within a month.  Though 
> all algorithms have to work within tolerable speeds, warming the dcache at 5 
> seconds once a day just does not move the needle.  Shaving this down isn't 
> worth a diversion at this point, there are bigger fish to fry.

No need to rant.  I agree there are bigger fish to fry.  At the same
time, I think we'll want to revisit this at some point, and having an
idea of what we'll to do can't hurt.

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