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Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Thu Mar 31 00:12:27 BST 2005

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Martin Pool wrote:

> Faheem Mitha wrote:

>> Case in point: In subversion, if you remove a file under version
>> control, the file itself is deleted. This is (in my opinion) a
>> misfeature, and hopefully will be fixed in the future. Ok, you have to
>> force it if you have local changes, but still... I'm glad to see bzr is
>> not making the same mistake.
> Right; I think it is nice to be able to do
>   bzr add config.h
>   (oops!)
>   bzr remove config.h
> and get back to where you were.
> I think I probably will add a delete/rm command that removes both the
> working file and its entry.

I had a further comment. If a file has local mods, then remove still
works. I think it should warn (even if the file is not deleted and
only removed from version control).

Subversion requires the user to pass a --force flag. I think it would 
preferable to just have a confirmation if the --force flag is not passed.

1) svn remove foo
File has local modifications. Still delete? [y/N] y  #no is default
[File is deleted]

2) svn remove --force foo
[File is deleted]

This is how apt-get (for example) behaves.

apt-get install xemacs21
[confirmation requested]

apt-get install -y xemacs21
[no confirmation requested]


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