supporting user interfaces

jan janmar at
Tue Mar 29 14:41:58 BST 2005

Martin Pool <mbp at> writes:

> jan wrote:
>> I've started writing a simple emacs mode and need some info on how
>> certain features are intended to be supported.
>> It would be nice to have a verbose option for the status command
>> that prints all the info available for the listed files.
> What fields did you want?

Nothing actually, I had been thinking version info but that isn't
needed in a snapshot based vcs.

> I'm eager to see your work; at the moment I am just using "M-! bzr diff"
> in emacs.

OK, I'll stop adding features for now and try to get something out by
the end of the week.

> You might talk to Luke (cc'd) who was also trying something.

I just had a look bzr-mode.el, wow, when I said 'simple' I didn't have
anything as compact as that in mind. I especially like the trick of
using the minibuffer to grab the commit message. My mode is more along
the lines of the PCL-CVS mode and I don't see much opportunity for
directly sharing code.


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