Rev 6536: (vila) Release 2.6b2 (Vincent Ladeuil) in file:///srv/

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Tue Jul 10 11:26:46 UTC 2012

At file:///srv/

revno: 6536 [merge]
revision-id: pqm at
parent: pqm at
parent: v.ladeuil+lp at
committer: Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>
branch nick: +trunk
timestamp: Tue 2012-07-10 11:26:46 +0000
  (vila) Release 2.6b2 (Vincent Ladeuil)
  doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.6.txt bzr2.6.txt-20120116134316-8w1xxom1c7vcu1t5-1
  po/bzr.pot                     bzr.pot-20110824141422-87q4lojt72ptqa9u-1

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