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   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program.  If not, see <>.
-bzr bash-completion script and plugin
+bzr bash-completion plugin
-This script generates a shell function which can be used by bash to
+This plugin generates a shell function which can be used by bash to
 automatically complete the currently typed command when the user
 presses the completion key (usually tab).
@@ -32,65 +32,25 @@
 .. contents::
-You only need to do this if you want to use the script as a bzr
-plugin.  Otherwise simply grab the and place it wherever
-you want.
-Installing from bzr repository
-To check out the current code from launchpad, use the following commands::
-  mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
-  cd ~/.bazaar/plugins
-  bzr checkout lp:bzr-bash-completion bash_completion
-To update such an installation, execute this command::
-  bzr update ~/.bazaar/plugins/bash_completion
-Installing using easy_install
-The following command should install the latest release of the plugin
-on your system::
-  easy_install bzr-bash-completion
-To use this method, you need to have `Easy Install`_ installed and
-also have write access to the required directories. So maybe you
-should execute this command as root or through sudo_. Or you want to
-`install to a different location`_.
-.. _Easy Install:
-.. _sudo:
-.. _install to a different location:
-Installing from tarball
-If you have grabbed a source code tarball, or want to install from a
-bzr checkout in a different place than your bazaar plugins directory,
-then you should use the ```` script shipped with the code::
-  ./ install
-If you want to install the plugin only for your own user account, you
-might wish to pass the option ``--user`` or ``--home=$HOME`` to that
-command. For further information please read the manuals of distutils_
-as well as setuptools_ or distribute_, whatever is available on your
-system, or have a look at the command line help::
-  ./ install --help
-.. _distutils:
-.. _setuptools:
-.. _distribute:
+Bundled and standalone versions
+This plugin has been merged_ into the main source tree of Bazaar.
+Starting with the bzr 2.3 series, a common bzr installation will
+include this plugin.
+There is still a standalone version available. It makes the plugin
+available for users of older bzr versions. When using both versions,
+local configuration might determine which version actually gets used,
+and some installations might even overwrite one another, so don't use
+the standalone version if you have the bundled one, unless you know
+what you are doing. Some effort will be made to keep the two versions
+reasonably in sync for some time yet.
+This text here documents the bundled version.
+.. _merged:
@@ -114,42 +74,24 @@
 To avoid this problem, you can delay the generation of the completion
 function until you actually need it.
-To do so, source the file ```` shipped with this package from
-your ``~/.bashrc`` file or add it to your ``~/.bash_completion`` if
+To do so, source the file ``contrib/bash/bzr`` shipped with the bzr
+source distribution from your ``~/.bashrc`` file
+or add it to your ``~/.bash_completion`` if
 your setup uses such a file. On a system-wide installation, the
 directory ``/usr/share/bash-completion/`` might contain such bash
 completion scripts.
-If you installed bzr-bash-completion from the repository or a source
-tarball, you find the ```` script in the root of the source
-tree. If you installed the plugin using easy_install, you should grab
-the script manually from the bzr repository, e.g. through the bazaar
-web interface on launchpad.
 Note that the full completion function is generated only once per
 shell session. If you update your bzr installation or change the set
 of installed plugins, then you might wish to regenerate the completion
 function manually as described above in order for completion to take
 these changes into account.
-Using as a script
-As an alternative, if bzrlib is available to python scripts, the
-following invocation should yield the same results without requiring
-you to add a plugin::
-  eval "`./`"
-This approach might have some issues, though, and provides less
-options than the bzr plugin. Therefore if you have the choice, go for
-the plugin setup.
 Design concept
-The plugin (or script) is designed to generate a completion function
+The plugin is designed to generate a completion function
 containing all the required information about the possible
 completions. This is usually only done once when bash
 initializes. After that, no more invocations of bzr are required. This
@@ -165,14 +107,12 @@
 As this is built upon a bash completion script originally included in
 the bzr source tree, and as the bzr sources are covered by the GPL 2,
-this script here is licensed under these same terms.
+this plugin here is licensed under these same terms.
 If you require a more liberal license, you'll have to contact all
 those who contributed code to this plugin, be it for bash or for
-.. cut long_description here
@@ -181,15 +121,17 @@
 static completion function of very limited scope distributed together
 with bzr.
+A version of it was merged into the bzr source tree in May 2010.
-Plugin homepages
+Bazaar homepage
+  |
+Standalone plugin homepages
-Bazaar homepage
-  |

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