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 * ``CHKMap.apply_delta`` now raises ``InconsistentDelta`` if a delta adds
   as new a key which was already mapped. (Robert Collins)
+* ``-Dstrict_locks`` can now be used to check that read and write locks
+  are treated properly w.r.t. exclusivity. (We don't try to take an OS
+  read lock on a file that we already have an OS write lock on.) This is
+  now set by default for all tests, if you have a test which cannot be
+  fixed, you can use ``self.thisFailsStrictLockCheck()`` as a
+  compatibility knob. (John Arbash Meinel)
 * Inventory delta application catches more cases of corruption and can
   prevent corrupt deltas from affecting consistency of data structures on
   disk. (Robert Collins)

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