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  Doc updates for permute_for_extension
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 Per-implementation tests are tests that are defined once and then run
 against multiple implementations of an interface.  For example,
-```` defines tests that all Transport
-implementations (local filesystem, HTTP, and so on) must pass.
-They are found in ``bzrlib/tests/*_implementations/test_*.py``,
-``bzrlib/tests/per_*/*.py``, and
+```` defines tests that all Transport implementations
+(local filesystem, HTTP, and so on) must pass. They are found in
+``bzrlib/tests/per_*/*.py``, and ``bzrlib/tests/per_*.py``.
 These are really a sub-category of unit tests, but an important one.
+Along the same lines are tests for extension modules. We generally have
+both a pure-python and a compiled implementation for each module. As such,
+we want to run the same tests against both implementations. These can
+generally be found in ``bzrlib/tests/*__*.py`` since extension modules are
+usually prefixed with an underscore. Since there are only two
+implementations, we have a helper function
+``bzrlib.tests.permute_for_extension``, which can simplify the
+``load_tests`` implementation.

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