Rev 4645: Fix typo. in

Robert Collins robertc at
Tue Aug 25 03:36:49 BST 2009


revno: 4645
revision-id: robertc at
parent: robertc at
committer: Robert Collins <robertc at>
branch nick: test-speed
timestamp: Tue 2009-08-25 12:36:45 +1000
  Fix typo.
=== modified file 'bzrlib/tests/'
--- a/bzrlib/tests/	2009-08-24 22:32:53 +0000
+++ b/bzrlib/tests/	2009-08-25 02:36:45 +0000
@@ -3214,7 +3214,7 @@
     While it might be cleaner do accumulate this in stopTest, addSuccess is
     where our existing output support for lsprof is, and this class aims to
     fit in with that: while it could be moved it's not necessary to accomplish
-    test profiling, nor would be be dramatically cleaner.
+    test profiling, nor would it be dramatically cleaner.
     def startTest(self, test):

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