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John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Sep 4 18:34:22 BST 2008


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committer: John Arbash Meinel <john at>
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timestamp: Thu 2008-09-04 12:34:12 -0500
  NEWS entry for the sftp tweak.
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+++ b/NEWS	2008-09-04 17:34:12 +0000
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       to recover if you realize you uncommitted the wrong thing.
       (John Arbash Meinel)
+    * ``SFTPTransport.readv()`` was accidentally using ``list += string``,
+      which 'works', but adds each character separately to the list,
+      rather than using ``list.append(string)``. Fixing this makes the
+      SFTP transport a little bit faster (~20%) and use a bit less memory.
+      (John Arbash Meinel)
     * When reading index files, if we happen to read the whole file in a
       single request treat it as a ``_buffer_all`` request. This happens
       most often on small indexes over remote transports, where we default

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