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  Update docs about new build instructions.
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 One way to work around this problem is to Ctrl+C the branch operation 
 and restart it.
-I am unable to access a repository that requires user/password authentication or uses self-signed SSL certificates
-The Python bindings required for password prompting are only present in 
-version 1.5 of Subversion so password prompting is only possible if 
-you have that version installed.
-If you have an older version of Subversion installed, bzr-svn can 
-use passwords cached by Subversion or credentials specified in the URL. 
-Subversion can be forced to cache the password by accessing the repository 
-using the Subversion command-line client. 
-For example, try running 'svn info <url>'. 
-You can specify the username and password in the URL in the standard way, e.g.::
-  $ bzr co svn+
+I am unable to access a repository that uses self-signed SSL certificates
 If you are using a Subversion repository over http or https it may be 
 necessary to prefix the repository URL with "svn+", e.g. 

=== modified file 'NEWS'
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-bzr-svn 0.4.11	UNRELEASED
+bzr-svn 0.4.11    UNRELEASED
+   * bzr-svn now comes with its own Python bindings for the Subversion 
+     libraries, removing the need for a unreleased version of Subversion and 
+     improving performance.
+     It does however mean the extensions have to be built. This requires 
+     the Subversion development libraries and should be possible by 
+     simply running ``make`` from the plugin directory.
    * Now uses absolute imports and no longer adds plugin directory to the system path.
@@ -114,6 +122,12 @@
 bzr-svn 0.4.9    2008-03-23
+   * The Python-Subversion bindings are no longer necessary. Instead, 
+     bzr-svn now comes with its own Python bindings for the Subversion 
+     libraries.
    * Set revision properties when possible.
@@ -137,6 +151,8 @@
    * Be a bit quieter with messages about experimental mappings. (#162496)
+   * Properly warn when trying to open a working copy with a newer version.
    * More correct implementation of Repository.get_ancestry(). 
    * Properly use current branching scheme when following branches. (#183361)

=== modified file 'README'
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+++ b/README	2008-06-22 08:09:10 +0000
@@ -165,17 +165,13 @@
 If you are using Python 2.4, you will need to have the pysqlite module installed. Python 2.5 and higher have sqlite support built in. 
-Python-Subversion >= 1.5
+Subversion development files
+You need the Subversion libraries, including the development files. This should
+be readily packaged for most platforms. The package name for Debian 
+and Debian-based distributions is ``libsvn-dev``.
-You also need a fairly recent version of the official Python bindings to the 
-Subversion libraries. At the moment, the svn plugin only works with 
-Subversion 1.5. The python-subversion (not python-svn!) package 
-in Ubuntu since Feisty and Debian since Etch also contain the 
-required changes. 
-The plugin requires a couple of fixes to the Python bindings for Subversion that are only available in Subversion 1.5 and higher. Subversion 1.5 has not been released yet, but packages with the appropriate patches applied to older versions are available for some platforms.
@@ -198,7 +194,7 @@
 Simply place this directory in ~/.bazaar/plugins and you should be able 
 to check out branches from Subversion using bzr. Make sure the directory 
-name is 'svn'.
+name is 'svn'. The plugin has to be built as well by running ``make``.

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