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Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Oct 19 17:54:15 BST 2007


revno: 24
revision-id: v.ladeuil+lp at
parent: v.ladeuil+lp at
committer: Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp at>
branch nick: transportstats
timestamp: Fri 2007-10-19 18:54:09 +0200
  Should have been committed last monday.
  * TODO: 
  More braindump.
  TODO                           todo-20070929082541-nqthugj4zxx7hufy-1
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=== modified file 'TODO'
--- a/TODO	2007-10-09 08:53:33 +0000
+++ b/TODO	2007-10-19 16:54:09 +0000
@@ -33,6 +33,21 @@
    That will simplify use for ponctual needs.
+- instrument more objects than transport (repository, branch,
+   working-tree) to get bzr fully intrumented (and change the
+   plugin name to Full Bzr Instrumented (fbi).
+- add statitics to command objects so that the collected stats can be easily
+   associated with calling commands (the same should be true for all the
+   intermediate levels between commands and transports).
+   The plugin could then be viewed as a way to collect network
+   related statistics and be named Network Statistics Acquisition (nsa).
+- explore how stats could be stored outside of the working tree of the branch
+   where statistics are collected, yet keeping track of the wt revno. A
+   solution may be store the stats files in an independant branch, collecting
+   branch and stats file branches being tied by tags.
 - explore backward compatiblity
    That will allows production of statistics showing progress from release to

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