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  Add entry about svn-upgrade.
  FAQ                            faq-20070910195147-p9u38s9wplds2d4o-1
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 The Bazaar revno's differ from the Subversion revno's
 That's right. Bazaar revision numbers are per-branch, whereas Subversion revno's are per-repository.
+Bazaar reports branches have diverged while pulling, when they haven't
+As of version 0.4, bzr-svn creates revisions with different revision ids than 
+previous versions. In other words, existing bzr-svn branches created with 
+0.3.x can not be used directly with 0.4.0 but will have to be upgraded to 
+work with 0.4.0 using the "bzr svn-upgrade" command. The bzr-rebase package 
+has to be installed for this command to work correctly.

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