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  update TODO.
  TODO                           todo-20070206032729-2b5teqiwctqrfgei-3
=== modified file 'TODO'
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+++ b/TODO	2007-03-25 22:20:24 +0000
@@ -1,10 +1,19 @@
 Plans for dbus and bzr
- * simple subscriber that sits in a corner and shows revisions
  * bzr server integration to republish tip revisions from file:/// to public
    URLs when one is available.
  * debug why raising a dbus returned error skips regular error handling and 
    jumps to sys.excepthook [wager: crack from the dbus python bindings]
  * for activation files rather than manual instructions.
  * gobject mainloop headaches? threads?
+ * change the hook used to trap commits from set_rh to push/pull/commit/uncommit.
+ * have the announce_revision method take multiple urls (for bound branch support)
+ * have the announce_revision method lookup all the urls its given in bzr.conf to 
+   determine public urls? (how can it tell that something is there? This TODO
+   may be inherently flawed).
+ * have the announce_revision method read bazaar.conf to pickup statically
+   configured servers.
+ * have the smart server start and stop methods add servers.
+ * have announce_revision perform mapping of provided urls against all servers.
+ * add dbus methods to announce server start and stop.

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