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  (robertc) status analysis documentation.
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      Status analysis.
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+The status command
+The status command is used to provide a pithy listing of the changes between
+two trees. Its common case is between the working tree and the basis tree, but
+it can be used between any two arbitrary trees.
+.. contents:: :local:
+UI Overview
+Status shows several things in parallel (for the paths the user supplied mapped
+across the from and to tree, and any pending merges in the to tree).
+1. Single line summary of all new revisions - the pending merges and their
+   parents recursively.
+2. Changes to the tree shape - adds/deletes/renames.
+3. Changes to versioned content - kind changes and content changes.
+4. Unknown files in the to tree.
+5. Files with conflicts in the to tree.
+Ideal work for working tree to historical status
+We need to do the following things at a minimum:
+1. Determine new revisions - the pending merges and history.
+1. Retrieve the first line of the commit message for the new revisions.
+1. Determine the tree differences between the two trees using the users paths
+   to limit the scope, and resolving paths in the trees for any pending merges.
+   We arguably don't care about tracking metadata for this - only the value of
+   the tree the user commited.
+1. The entire contents of directories which are versioned when showing
+   unknowns.
+1. Whether a given unversioned path is unknown or ignored.
+1. The list conflicted paths in the tree (which match the users path
+   selection?)
+Expanding on the tree difference case we will need to:
+1. Stat every path in working trees which is included by the users path
+   selection to ascertain kind and execute bit.
+1. For paths which have the same kind in both trees and have content, read
+   that content or otherwise determine whether the content has changed. Using
+   our hash cache from the dirstate allows us to avoid reading the file in the
+   common case. There are alternative ways to achieve this - we could record
+   a pointer to a revision which contained this fileid with the current content
+   rather than storing the content's hash; but this seems to be a pointless 
+   double-indirection unless we save enough storage in the working tree. A
+   variation of this is to not record an explicit pointer but instead
+   define an implicit pointer as being to the left-hand-parent tree.
+Locality of reference
+- We should stat files in the same directory without reading or statting
+  files in other directories. That is we should do all the statting we
+  intend to do within a given directory without doing any other IO, to
+  minimise pressure on the drive heads to seek.
+- We should read files in the same directory without reading or writing
+  files in other directories - and note this is separate to statting (file
+  data is usually physically disjoint to metadata).
+Scaling observations
+- The stat operation clearly involves every versioned path in the common case.
+- Expanding out the users path selection in a naive manner involves reading the
+  entire tree shape information for both trees and for all pending-merge trees.
+  (Dirstate makes this tolerably cheap for now, but we're still scaling
+  extra-linearly.)
+- The amount of effort required to generate tree differences between the
+  working tree and the basis tree is interesting: with a tree-like structure
+  and some generatable name for child nodes we use the working tree data to
+  eliminate accessing or considering subtrees regardless of historival
+  age. However, if we have had to access the historical tree shape to
+  perform path selection this rather reduces the win we can obtain here.
+  If we can cause path expansion to not require historical shape access
+  (perhaps by performing the expansion after calculating the tree
+  difference for the top level of the selected path) then we can gain a
+  larger win. This strongly suggests that path expansion and tree
+  difference generation should be linked in terms of API.
+   vim: ft=rst tw=74 ai

=== modified file 'doc/developers/performance-roadmap.txt'
--- a/doc/developers/performance-roadmap.txt	2007-06-28 02:48:12 +0000
+++ b/doc/developers/performance-roadmap.txt	2007-07-02 02:31:28 +0000
@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@
 .. include:: revert.txt
+.. include:: status.txt
 .. include:: annotate.txt
 .. include:: merge-scaling.txt

=== modified file 'doc/developers/'
--- a/doc/developers/	2007-06-28 02:53:51 +0000
+++ b/doc/developers/	2007-07-02 05:18:12 +0000
@@ -12,17 +12,17 @@
   gc_analysis[label="Work required analysis for gc"];
   revert_analysis[label="Work required analysis for revert"];
   revert_path_analysis[label="Work required analysis for revert of selected paths"];
+  status_analysis[label="Work required analysis for status"];
+  uncommit_analysis[label="Work required analysis for uncommit"];
   wt_disk_order[label="Working Tree disk ordering\n6-8 weeks"];
   /* uncompleted node list - add new tasks here */
-  status_analysis[label="Work required analysis for status"];
   log_analysis[label="Work required analysis for log"];
   log_path_analysis[label="Work required analysis for log of selected paths."];
   diff_analysis[label="Work required analysis for diff"];
   diff_path_analysis[label="Work required analysis for diff of selected paths"];
   merge_analysis[label="Work required analysis for merge"];
-  uncommit_analysis[label="Work required analysis for uncommit"];
   missing_analysis[label="Work required analysis for missing"];
   update_analysis[label="Work required analysis for update"];
   cbranch_analysis[label="Work required analysis for cbranch"];

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