Rev 2236: add hardcoded locationspec help in file:///home/mbp/bzr/Work/help/

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Jan 17 02:24:48 GMT 2007

revno: 2236
revision-id: mbp at
parent: pqm at
parent: mgedmin at
committer: Martin Pool <mbp at>
branch nick: help
timestamp: Wed 2007-01-17 13:24:47 +1100
  add hardcoded locationspec help
    revno: 2234.2.1
    merged: mgedmin at
    parent: pqm at
    committer: Marius Gedminas <mgedmin at>
    branch nick:
    timestamp: Tue 2007-01-16 00:12:41 +0200
      Add a help topic for location specifiers.
=== modified file 'bzrlib/'
--- a/bzrlib/	2007-01-10 06:01:49 +0000
+++ b/bzrlib/	2007-01-15 22:12:41 +0000
@@ -100,6 +100,30 @@
     return ''.join(out)
+_help_on_locationspec = """
+Location specifier:
+A location is either a local path name (which can be absolute or relative),
+or a URL using one of the following schemes:
+  file: Local file access (the file:// prefix is optional).
+  http: Read-only access of branches exported on the web.
+  https: Read-only access of branches exported on the web using SSL.
+  sftp: Access using SFTP (most SSH servers provide SFTP).
+  ftp: Access using passive FTP.
+  aftp: Access using active FTP.
+  bzr: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server.
+  bzr+http: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server over HTTP.
+  bzr+ssh: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server over SSH.
+Schemes that use the Bazaar smart server require it to be installed on
+the remote machine.
+Plugins can add support for more URL schemes.
 _basic_help= \
 """Bazaar -- a free distributed version-control tool
@@ -129,6 +153,8 @@
 topic_registry.register("revisionspec", _help_on_revisionspec,
                         "Explain how to use --revision")
+topic_registry.register("locationspec", _help_on_locationspec,
+                        "Explain how to specify LOCATIONs")
 topic_registry.register('basic', _basic_help, "Basic commands")
 topic_registry.register('topics', _help_on_topics, "Topics list")
 def get_format_topic(topic):

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