Rev 2160: (Vincent Ladeuil) Fix a test to pass on win32 in /home/pqm/archives/thelove/bzr/+trunk/ Patch Queue Manager pqm at
Fri Dec 1 21:37:09 GMT 2006

revno: 2160
revision-id: pqm at
parent: pqm at
parent: v.ladeuil+lp at
committer: Patch Queue Manager<pqm at>
branch nick: +trunk
timestamp: Fri 2006-12-01 21:37:07 +0000
  (Vincent Ladeuil) Fix a test to pass on win32
    merged: v.ladeuil+lp at
    parent: pqm at
    committer: v.ladeuil+lp at
    branch nick: bzrw2
    timestamp: Thu 2006-11-30 15:32:23 +0100
      Make the test compatible with windows.
      * bzrlib/tests/blackbox/
      (TestBzrSubprocess.test_start_and_stop_working_dir): Make windows
      produce universal newlines.

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