Rev 1944: (jam) small fix to make_kernel_like_tree in /home/pqm/archives/thelove/bzr/+trunk/ Patch Queue Manager pqm at
Fri Aug 18 01:12:19 BST 2006

revno: 1944
revision-id: pqm at
parent: pqm at
parent: john at
committer: Patch Queue Manager<pqm at>
branch nick: +trunk
timestamp: Fri 2006-08-18 01:12:19 +0100
  (jam) small fix to make_kernel_like_tree
    merged: john at
    parent: pqm at
    committer: John Arbash Meinel <john at>
    branch nick: cache-fix
    timestamp: Thu 2006-08-17 18:09:00 -0500
      Create the kernel_like_tree rather than expecting the directory to exist. Required when the creator is called directly by another creator

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