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Fri May 27 01:15:21 CDT 2005

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2005-05-27 GMT Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>	patch-68

      resolved internal api tweaks, and slight ui planing. Fixes reported issue with resolved not resolving

    Patches applied:
     * robert.collins at
       factor command line path selection out into arch_paths_from_user for resolved and annotate. Convert arch_unconflict files from a bitfield return to a enum return. Make resolved return an error when a non existent file is requested by the user
     * robert.collins at
       fix occasional problems with resolved not finding the conflicted file by correctly escaping file names on output and unescaping on input, allowing comparison of canonical strings not escaped ones

    modified files:
     commands/annotate.c commands/cmdutils.c commands/cmdutils.h
     commands/resolved.c libarch/conflict-handling.c
     libarch/conflict-handling.h tests/

    new patches:
     robert.collins at
     robert.collins at
     thelove at

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