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pqm at pqm at
Mon Mar 7 05:37:56 CST 2005

New revision thelove at

2005-03-07 GMT Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>	patch-16

      Command renaming (Brett Parker)

    Patches applied:
     * jblack at
       tag of thelove at
     * jblack at
       Taking patch from Brett Parker <iDunno at> to handle command naming
     * jblack at
       Finishing up Brett's work

    modified files:
     commands/apply-changeset.c commands/archive-meta-info.c
     commands/archive-mirror.c commands/build-config.c
     commands/cachedrevs.c commands/changeset.c commands/cmdutils.c
     commands/commit.c commands/default-id.c commands/delta.c
     commands/file-diff.c commands/file-find.c commands/get.c
     commands/help.c commands/library-add.c commands/make-archive.c
     commands/mv.c commands/redo.c commands/uncacherev.c
     commands/whereis-archive.c libarch/configs.c
     libarch/libraries.c libarch/library-txn.c
     libarch/local-cache.c libarch/pfs-signatures.c

    modified directories:
     {arch}/bazaar/bazaar--devo/bazaar--devo--1.3/thelove at
     {arch}/bazaar/bazaar--devo/bazaar--devo--1.3/thelove at

    new patches:
     jblack at
     jblack at
     jblack at
     thelove at

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