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Mon Aug 1 17:03:16 CDT 2005

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2005-08-01 GMT Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>	patch-56

      [Fixes #1631] added a --upto option to replay, use it when necessary

    Patches applied:
     * Matthieu.Moy at
       Use update strategy only if there are no local changes
     * Matthieu.Moy at
       baz replay --upto REV
     * Matthieu.Moy at
       Bugfix in replay --upto, use replay --upto for update.

    modified files:
     commands/replay.c commands/switch.c commands/update.c
     libarch/build-revision.c libarch/patch-id.c libarch/patch-id.h

    new patches:
     Matthieu.Moy at
     Matthieu.Moy at
     Matthieu.Moy at
     thelove at

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