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Mon Dec 13 12:48:50 CST 2004

New revision thelove at

2004-12-13 GMT Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>	patch-50

      Merge in bug fix for #3376.

    Patches applied:
     * at
       tag of thelove at
     * at
       sync with thelove.
     * at
       Rename abs_path to arch_pfs_abs_path, and move to pfs.c
     * at
       Add another test for arch_pfs_abs_path.
     * at
       Fix and test #3376.
     * at
     * at
       Allocate memory properly, oops.

    new files:
     libarch/tests/.arch-ids/ libarch/tests/unit-pfs.c

    modified files:
     commands/branch.c commands/my-revision-library.c
     commands/register-archive.c libarch/inv-ids.c
     libarch/inv-ids.h libarch/pfs.c libarch/pfs.h
     libarch/tests/unit-inv-ids.c tests/

    new patches: at at at at at at at
     thelove at

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