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Wed Dec 8 15:31:50 CST 2004

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2004-12-08 GMT Patch Queue Manager <pqm at>	patch-39

      reimplement a changes command for local tree changes, replacing the temporary problems command bug #4293

    Patches applied:
     * robert.collins at
       add deprecated lint command
     * robert.collins at
       deprecated commands must fail on exit
     * robert.collins at
       make changes actually do a changeset again, but not pretty yet
     * robert.collins at
       make baz changes pretty

    new files:
     commands/.arch-ids/ commands/.arch-ids/
     commands/lint.c commands/lint.h
     tests/.arch-ids/ tests/

    modified files:
     commands/changes.c commands/changes.h commands/cmds.c
     commands/diff.c commands/set-tree-version.c
     libarch/changeset-report.c libarch/changeset-report.h
     libarch/project-tree.c libarch/project-tree.h
     tests/ tests/

    renamed files:
       ==> commands/changes.c
       ==> commands/changes.h

    new patches:
     robert.collins at
     robert.collins at
     robert.collins at
     robert.collins at
     thelove at

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