QBzr 0.18 released

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Jan 19 09:02:36 GMT 2010

On behalf of QBzr development team I'm happy to announce new release of 
QBzr 0.18 codenamed "Pine-needles"! It provides some new features and 
important bugfixes. Many thanks to all QBzr contributors!

QBzr 0.18 intended to be used with bzr 2.1.0rc1 (and most likely final). 
Gary and me think this release will be included to next Ubuntu Lucid 
release, so we will highly appreciate thorough testing of this release 
by your day-to-day usage.

What's new in this release
  * Fixed problems with rename items in subdirectory. (Bug #495519, 
INADA Naoki)
  * Flush clipboard on exit, so data copied there is available after 
closing of
    q-window. (Bug #503401)
  * Fixed problem with insufficient width of revno column in qannotate and
    qbrowse (for revision tree) if revno bigger than 9999.
    (Bug #505990, Alexander Belchenko)
  * Changed buttons behavior in subprocess-based dialogs: if the operation
    failed then show Retry button (instead of OK), at the successfull finish
    show only Close button. (Simon Kersey)
  * qrun has new option --execute which allows to run the supplied command
    immediately. If the command failed user can edit the command and its
    arguments in usual way. (Simon Kersey)
  * Fixed a bug in the new SyntaxHighlighter used in qannotate and qcat 
so that
    it correctly handle tokens without styles. (Bug #508281, Gary van 
der Merwe)
  * Fixed a bug in TreeWidget were some times duplicated in parent 
    (Gary van der Merwe)
  * qbranch has a new --bind option for convenient binding to the parent
    location while branching.
  * qcommit: Non versioned files are now selected by select all when 
they are
    shown. (Bug #490864, Gary van der Merwe)
  * Serbian translations added.


Windows installer:

Release page:

Development branch:
   bzr branch lp:qbzr

What is QBzr?
QBzr is a cross-platform GUI front end for Bazaar, based on Qt toolkit.
QBzr provided GUI frontend for many core bzr commands and several 
universal dialogs and helper commands. Equivalents for core bzr commands 
has the same names as CLI commands but with prefix "q".

QBzr is used as library of GUI dialogs in other products:
  * Bazaar Explorer
  * TortoiseBzr
  * QBzr-Eclipse

QBzr at Launchpad:


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