[ANNOUNCE] bzr-gtk 0.99.0

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Fri Aug 13 22:29:10 BST 2010

We've just released bzr-gtk 0.99.0, a minor release that fixes a couple
of bugs and marks bzr-gtk as compatible with the latest stable Bazaar
release, 2.2. It also spins off Olive into its own project once more,
making the relation between bzr-gtk and Olive similar to that of qbzr
and bzr-explorer.

Changes since 0.98.0:


   * Guard setup() call when not loaded as __main__. (Robert Collins)

   * Ignore gnomekeyring.IOError when checking if credentials are
     in the GNOME keyring. (Jelmer Vernooij, #534326)

   * Don't crash when there is already a lan-notify instance running.
     (Jelmer Vernooij, #339284)

   * Return the credentials if successfully found in gnome-keyring.
     (John Szakmeister)

   * Support non-bzr patches. (Toshio Kuratomi, #502076)

   * Avoid using private functions to get branch config. (Jelmer

   * Mark as compatible with Bazaar 2.2. (Martin Pool, #597379)


  * Add 'Find' button to start text search.
    (Martin Pool, #556347)

  * Add 'glog' as an alias for visualize (aka viz) as too many
    people are still confused.
    (Vincent Ladeuil)

  * Add support for Indicator Application (Sense Hofstede, Jelmer

The release can be downloaded from Launchpad:


Please report any bugs you find in the Launchpad bug tracker:



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