[ANN] Scmproj 0.5 released

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Sat Dec 5 13:20:27 GMT 2009

I'd like to announce new release of scmproj plugin for bzr: scmproj v.0.5 codenamed "Subprojects".
Most visible improvements in this release is implementation of subprojects support.
Other changes see below.

New features:
 * Subprojects simplified implementation (without variants support and
   read-only flag).
 * ``project-publish --no-strict`` can be used to invoke ``push --no-strict``
   for components trees. (Bug #474799)
 * ``project-command --dry-run`` will show what would be done, but don't
   actually do anything. It's better to use with option --verbose.
 * ``project-info`` now shows the info on components and subprojects.
   (Bug #313166)
 * ``project-command --shell`` can run shell commands for each component
   instead of bzr ones. (Bug #349069)
 * ``project-command --varN XXX``: new command-line options ``--var1``,
   ``--var2`` and ``--var3`` allows user to specify additional template
   variables for substitution in commands templates. (Bug #489722)
 * commands to work with local project now possible to invoke
   from subdirectory and not only from project root. (Bug #313150)

Compatibility breaks:
 * Removed support for boxed workspaces.
 * No more pretend that we can suport any vcs other than bzr.
   Now config with VCS option set to other vcs will raise error.

Download new release:

Release page:

Updated documentation available from:


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