[ubuntu/artful-updates] snapd 2.33.1+17.10ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Jul 18 08:51:19 UTC 2018

snapd (2.33.1+17.10ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1773118
    - cherry pick https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/5376/
      to fix autopkgtest

snapd (2.33.1+17.10) artful; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1773118
    - many: improve udev trigger on refresh experience
    - systemd: require snapd.socket in snapd.seeded.service
    - snap: don't include newline in hook environment
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow killing snap-update-ns
    - tests: skip "try" test on s390x
    - tests: skip security-dev-input-event-denied when /dev/input/by-
      path/ is missing
    - tests: skip security-dev-input-event-denied on s390x/arm64

snapd (2.33) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1773118
    - packaging: use official bolt in the errtracker on fedora
    - many: add `snap debug connectivity` command
    - interfaces/raw-usb: also allow usb serial devices
    - errtracker: do not send duplicated reports
    - selftest: add new selftest package that tests squashfs mounting
    - tests: backport lxd force stop and econnreset fixes
    - tests: add test to ensure /dev/input/event* for non-joysticks is
    - interfaces/joystick: support modern evdev joysticks
    - interfaces: add juju-client-observe
    - interfaces/hardware-observe: allow access to /etc/sensors* for
    - many: holding refresh on metered connections
    - many: expose AppStream IDs (AKA common ID)
    - tests: speed up save/restore snapd state for all-snap systems
      during tests execution
    - interfaces/apparmor: use helper to load stray profile
    - tests: ubuntu core abstraction
    - overlord/snapstate: don't panic in a corner case interaction of
      cleanup tasks and pruning
    - interfaces/apparmor: add 'mediate_deleted' profile flag for all
    - tests: new parameter for the journalctl rate limit
    - spread-shellcheck: port to python
    - interfaces/home: add 'read' attribute to allow non-owner read to
    - testutil: import check.v1 differently to workaround gccgo error
    - interfaces/many: miscellaneous updates for default, desktop,
      desktop-legacy, system-observe, hardware-observe, opengl and gpg-
    - snapstate/hooks: reorder autoconnect and reconnect hooks
    - daemon: update unit tests to match current master
    - overlord/snapshotstate/backend: introducing the snapshot backend
    - many: support 'system' nickname in interfaces
    - userd: add the "snap" scheme to the whitelist
    - many: make rebooting of core on refresh immediate, refactor logic
      around it
    - tests/main/snap-service-timer: account for service timer being in
      the 'running' state
    - interfaces/builtin: allow access to libGLESv* too for opengl
    - daemon: fix unit tests on arch
    - interfaces/default,process-control: miscellaneous signal policy
    - interfaces/bulitin: add write permission to optical-drive
    - configstate: validate known core.* options
    - snap, wrappers: systemd WatchdogSec support
    - ifacestate: do not auto-connect manually disconnected interfaces
    - systemd: mock useFuse() so testsuite passes in container via lxd
    - snap/env: fix env duplication logic
    - snap: some doc comments fixes and additions
    - cmd/snap-confine, interfaces/opengl: allow access to glvnd EGL
      vendor files
    - ifacestate: unify reconnect and autoconnect methods
    - tests: fix user mounts test for external systems
    - overlord/snapstate,overlord/auth,store: coalesce no auth user
      refresh requests
    - boot,partition: improve tests/docs around SetNextBoot()
    - many: improve `snap wait` command
    - snap: fix `snap interface --attrs` output when numbers are used
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: poke holes when creating source paths for
    - snapstate: support getting new bases/default-providers on refresh
    - ifacemgr: remove stale connections on startup
    - asserts: use Attrer in policy checks
    - testutil: record system call errors / return values
    - tests: increase timeouts to make tests reliable on slow boards
    - repo: pass and return ConnRef via pointers
    - interfaces: add xdg-document-portal support to desktop interface
    - debian: add a zenity|kdialog suggests
    - snapstate: make TestDoPrereqRetryWhenBaseInFlight less brittle
    - tests: go must be installed as a classic snap
    - tests: use journalctl cursors instead rotating logs
    - daemon: add confinement-options to /v2/system-info
      daemon: refactor classic support flag to be more structured
    - tests: build spread in the autopkgtests with a more recent go
    - cmd/snap: fix the message when snap.channel != snap.tracking
    - overlord/snapstate: allow core defaults configuration via 'system'
    - many: add "snap debug sandbox-features" and needed bits
    - interfaces: interface hooks for refresh
    - snapd.core-fixup.sh: add workaround for corrupted uboot.env
    - boot: clear "snap_mode" when needed
    - many: add wait command and `snapd.seeded` service
    - interfaces: move host font update-ns AppArmor rules to desktop
    - jsonutil/safejson: introducing safejson.String &
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use Secure.BindMount to bind mount files
    - cmd/snap-update-ns,tests: mimic the mode and ownership of
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add support for ignoring mounts with missing
    - interfaces: interface hooks implementation
    - cmd/libsnap: fix compile error on more restrictive gcc
      cmd/libsnap: fix compilation errors on gcc 8
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow bash and dash to be in /usr/bin/
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow any base snap to provide /etc/alternatives
    - tests: fix interfaces-network test for systems with partial
    - spread.yaml: add cosmic (18.10) to autopkgtest/qemu
    - tests: ubuntu 18.04 or higher does not need linux-image-extra-
    - configcore: validate experimental.layouts option
    - interfaces:minor autoconnect cleanup
    - HACKING: fix typos
    - spread: add adt for ubuntu 18.10
    - tests: skip test lp-1721518 for arch, snapd is failing to start
      after reboot
    - interfaces/x11: allow X11 slot implementations
    - tests: checking interfaces declaring the specific interface
    - snap: improve error for snaps not available in the given context
    - cmdstate: add missing test for default timeout handling
    - tests: shellcheck spread tasks
    - cmd/snap: update install/refresh help vs --revision
    - cmd/snap-confine: add support for per-user mounts
    - snap: do not use overly short timeout in `snap
    - tests: adding google-sru backend replacing linode-sur
    - interfaces/apparmor: fix incorrect apparmor profile glob
    - systemd: replace ancient paths with 16.04+ standards
    - overlord,systemd: store snap revision in mount units
    - testutil: add test helper for SysLstat
    - testutil,cmd: rename test helper of Lstat to OsLstat
    - testutil: document all fake syscall/os functions
    - osutil,interfaces,cmd: use less hardcoded strings
    - testutil: rename UNMOUNT_NOFOLLOW to umountNoFollow
    - testutil: don't dot-import check.v1
    - store: getStructFields takes pointers now
    - tests: drop `linux-image-extra-$(uname -r)` install in 18.04
    - many: fix false negatives reported by vet
    - osutil,interfaces: use uint32 for uid, gid
    - many: fix various issues reported by shellcheck
    - tests: add pending shutdown detection
    - image: support refreshing soft-expired user macaroons in tooling
    - interfaces/builtin, daemon: cleanup mocked builtin interfaces in
      daemon tests
    - interfaces/builtin: add support for software-watchdog interface
    - spread: auto accept key changes when calling dnf
    - snap,overlord/snapstate: introduce and use BrokenSnapError
    - tests: detect kernel oops during tests and abort tests in this
    - tests: bring back one missing test in snap-service-stop-mode
    - debian: update LP bug for the 2.32.5 SRU
    - userd: set up journal logging streams for autostarted apps
    - snap,tests : don't fail if we cannot stat MountFile
    - tests: smaller fixes for Arch tests
    - tests: run interfaces-broadcom-asic-control early
    - client: support for snapshot sets, snapshots, and snapshot actions
    - tests: skip interfaces-content test on core devices
    - cmd: generalize locking to global, snap and per-user locks
    - release-tools: handle the snapd-x.y.z version
    - packaging: fix incorrectly auto-generated changelog entry for
    - tests: add arch to CI
    - systemd: add helper for opening stream file descriptors to the
    - cmd/snap: handle distros with no version ID
    - many: add "stop-mode: sig{term,hup,usr[12]}{,-all}" instead of
      conflating that with refresh-mode
    - tests: removing linode-sru backend
    - tests: updating bionic version for spread tests on google
    - overlord/snapstate: poll for up to 10s if a snap is unexpectedly
      not mounted in doMountSnap
    - overlord/snapstate: allow to get an error from readInfo instead of
      a broken stub, use it in doMountSnap
    - snap: snap.AppInfo is now a fmt.Stringer
    - tests: move fedora 27 to google backend
    - many: add `core.problem-reports.disabled` option
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: remove the need for stash directory in secure
      bind mount implementation
    - errtracker: check for whoopsie.service instead of reading
    - cmd/snap: user session application autostart v3
    - tests: add test to ensure `snap refresh --amend` works with
      different channels
    - tests: add check for OOM error after each test
    - cmd/snap-seccomp: graceful handling of non-multilib host
    - interfaces/shutdown: allow calling SetWallMessage
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add secure bind mount implementation for use
      with user mounts
    - snap: fix `snap advise-snap --command` output to match spec
    - overlord/snapstate: on multi-snap refresh make sure bases and core
      are finished before dependent snaps
    - overlord/snapstate: introduce envvars to control the channels for
      based and prereqs
    - cmd/snap-confine: ignore missing cgroups in snap-device-helper
    - debian: add gbp.conf script to build snapd via `gbp buildpackage`
    - daemon,overlord/hookstate: stop/wait for running hooks before
      closing the snapctl socket
    - advisor: use json for package database
    - interfaces/hostname-control: allow setting the hostname via
      syscall and systemd
    - tests/main/interfaces-opengl-nvidia: verify access to 32bit
    - interfaces: misc updates for default, firewall-control, fuse-
      support and process-control
    - data/selinux: Give snapd access to more aspects of the system
    - many: use the new install/refresh API by switching snapstate to
      use store.SnapAction
    - errtracker: make TestJournalErrorSilentError work on gccgo
    - ifacestate: add to the repo also snaps that are pending being
      activated but have a done setup-profiles
    - snapstate, ifacestate: inject auto-connect tasks try 2
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow creating missing gl32, gl, vulkan dirs
    - errtracker: add more fields to aid debugging
    - interfaces: make system-key more robust against invalid fstab
    - overlord,interfaces: be more vocal about broken snaps and read
    - ifacestate: injectTasks helper
    - osutil: fix fstab parser to allow for # in field values
    - cmd/snap-mgmt: remove timers, udev rules, dbus policy files
    - release-tools: add repack-debian-tarball.sh
    - daemon,client: add build-id to /v2/system-info
    - cmd: make fmt (indent 2.2.11)
    - interfaces/content: add rule so slot can access writable files at
      plug's mountpoint
    - interfaces: add /var/lib/snapd/snap to @{INSTALL_DIR}
    - ifacestate: don't surface errors from stale connections
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: convert Secure* family of functions into
    - tests: adjust canonical-livepatch test on GCE
    - tests: fix quoting issues in econnreset test
    - cmd/snap-confine: make /run/media an alias of /media
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: rename i to segNum
    - interfaces/serial: change pattern not to exclude /dev/ttymxc*
    - spread: disable StartLimitInterval option on opensuse-42.3
    - configstate: give a chance to immediately recompute the next
      refresh time when schedules are set
    - cmd/snap-confine: attempt to detect if multiarch host uses
      arch triplets
    - store: add Store.SnapAction to support the new install/refresh API
    - tests: adding test for removable-media interface
    - tests: update interface tests to remove extra checks and normalize
    - timeutil: in Human, count days with fingers
    - vendor: update gopkg.in/yaml.v2 to the latest version
    - cmd/snap-confine: fix Archlinux compatibility
    - cmd/snapd: make sure signal handlers are established during early
      daemon startup
    - cmd/snap-confine: apparmor: allow creating prefix path for
    - osutil: use tilde suffix for temporary files used for atomic
    - tests: copy or sanity check core users using usernames
    - tests: disentangle etc vs extrausers in core tests
    - tests: fix snap-run tests when snapd is not running
    - overlord/configstate: change how ssh is stopped/started
    - snap: make `snap run` look at the system-key for security profiles
    - strutil, cmd/snap: drop strutil.WordWrap, first pass at
    - tests: adding opensuse-42.3 to google
    - cmd/snap: fix one issue with noWait error handling logic, add
      tests plus other cleanups
    - cmd/snap-confine: nvidia: preserve globbed file prefix
    - advisor: add comment why osutil.FileExists(dirs.SnapCommandsDB) is
    - interfaces,release: probe seccomp features lazily
    - tests: change debug for layout test
    - advisor: deal with missing commands.db file
    - interfaces/apparmor: simplify UpdateNS internals
    - polkit: Pass caller uid to PolicyKit authority
    - tests: moving debian 9 from linode to google backend
    - cmd/snap-confine: nvidia: add tls/libnvidia-tls.so* glob
    - po: specify charset in po/snappy.pot
    - interfaces: harden snap-update-ns profile
    - snap: Call SanitizePlugsSlots from InfoFromSnapYaml
    - tests: update tests to deal with s390x quirks
    - debian: run snap.mount upgrade fixup *before* debhelper
    - tests: move xenial i386 to google backend
    - snapstate: add compat mode for default-provider
    - tests: a bunch of test fixes for s390x from looking at the
      autopkgtest logs
    - packaging: recommend "gnupg" instead of "gnupg1 | gnupg"
    - interfaces/builtin: let MM change qmi device attributes
    - tests: add workaround for s390x failure
    - snap/pack, cmd/snap: add `snap pack --check-skeleton`
    - daemon: support 'system' as nickname of the core snap
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use x-snapd.{synthetic,needed-by} in practice
    - devicestate: add DeviceManager.Registered returning a channel
      closed when the device is known to be registered
    - store: Sections and WriteCatalogs need to strictly send device
      auth only if the device has a custom store
    - tests: add bionic system to google backend
    - many: fix shellcheck warnings in bionic
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: don't fail on existing symlinks
    - tests: make autopkgtest tests more targeted
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: fix creation of layout symlinks
    - spread,tests: move suite-level prepare/restore to central script
    - many: propagate contexts enough to be able to mark store
      operations done from the Ensure loop
    - snap: don't create empty Change with "Hold" state on disconnect
    - snap: unify snap name validation w/python; enforce length limit.
    - cmd/snap: use shlex when parsing `snap run --strace` arguments
    - osutil,testutil: add symlinkat(2) and readlinkat(2)
    - tests: autopkgtest may have non edge core too
    - tests: adding checks before stopping snapd service to avoid job
      canceled on ubuntu 14.04
    - errtracker: respect the /etc/whoopsie configuration
    - overlord/snapstate:  hold refreshes for 2h after seeding on
    - cmd/snap: tweak and polish help strings
    - snapstate: put layout feature behind feature flag
    - tests: force profile re-generation via system-key
    - snap/squashfs: when installing from seed, try symlink before cp
    - wrappers: services which are socket or timer activated should not
      be started during boot
    - many: go vet cleanups
    - tests: define MATCH from spread
    - packaging/fedora: Merge changes from Fedora Dist-Git plus trivial
    - cmd/snap: use timeutil.Human to show times in `snap refresh
    - cmd/snap: in changes and tasks, default to human-friendly times
    - many: support holding refreshes by setting refresh.hold
    - Revert "cmd/snap: use timeutil.Human to show times in `snap
      refresh -…-time`"
    - cmd/snap: use timeutil.Human to show times in `snap refresh
    - tests/main/snap-service-refresh-mode: refactor the test to rely on
      comparing PIDs
    - tests/main/media-sharing: improve the test to cover /media and
    - store: enable deltas for core devices too
    - cmd/snap: unhide --no-wait; make wait use go via waitMixin
    - strutil/shlex: import github.com/google/shlex into the tree
    - vendor: update github.com/mvo5/libseccomp-golang
    - overlord/snapstate: block install of "system"
    - cmd/snap: "current"→"installed"; "refreshed"→"refresh-date"
    - many: add the snapd-generator
    - cmd/snap-seccomp: Cancel the atomic file on error, not just Close
    - polkit: ensure error is properly set if dialog is dismissed
    - snap-confine, snap-seccomp: utilize new seccomp logging features
    - progress: tweak ansimeter cvvis use to no longer confuse minicom
    - xdgopenproxy: integrate xdg-open implementation into snapctl
    - tests: avoid removing preinstalled snaps on core
    - tests: chroot into core to run xdg-open there
    - userd: add an OpenFile method for launching local files with xdg-
    - tests: moving ubuntu core from linode to google backend
    - run-checks: remove accidental bashism
    - i18n: simplify NG usage by doing the modulo math in-package.
    - snap/squashfs: set timezone when calling unsquashfs to get the
      build date
    - timeutil: timeutil.Human(t) gives a human-friendly string for t
    - snap: add autostart app property
    - tests: add support for external backend executions on listing test
    - tests: make interface-broadcom-asic-control test work on rpi
    - configstate: when disable "ssh" we must disable the "sshd" service
    - interfaces/apparmor,system-key: add upperdir snippets for strict
      snaps on livecd
    - snap/squashfs: add BuildDate
    - store: parse the JSON format used by the coming new store API to
      convey snap information
    - many: remove snapd.refresh.{timer,service}
    - tests: adding ubuntu-14.04-64 to the google backend
    - interfaces: add xdg-desktop-portal support to desktop interface
    - packaging/arch: sync with snapd/snapd-git from AUR
    - wrappers, tests/main/snap-service-timer: restore missing commit,
      add spread test for timer services
    - store: don't ask for snap_yaml_raw except on the details endpoint
    - many: generate and use per-snap snap-update-ns profile
    - tests: add debug for layout test
    - wrappers: detect whether systemd-analyze can be used in unit tests
    - osutil: allow creating strings out of MountInfoEntry
    - servicestate: use systemctl enable+start and disable+stop instead
      of --now flag
    - osutil: handle file being matched by multiple patterns
    - daemon, snap: fix InstallDate, make a method of *snap.Info
    - wrappers: timer services
    - wrappers: generator for systemd OnCalendar schedules
    - asserts: fix flaky storeSuite.TestCheckAuthority
    - tests: fix dependency for ubuntu artful
    - spread: start moving towards google backend
    - tests: add a spread test for layouts
    - ifacestate: be consistent passing Retry.After as named field
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use recursive bind mounts for writable mimic
    - testutil: allow mocking syscall.Fstat
    - overlord/snapstate: verify that default schedule is randomized and
      is  not a single time
    - many: simplify mocking of home-on-NFS
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use syscall.Symlink instead of os.Symlink
    - store: move infoFromRemote into details.go close to snapDetails
    - userd/tests: Test kdialog calls and mock kdialog too to make tests
      work in KDE
    - cmd/snap: tweaks to 'snap info' (feat. installed->current rename)
    - cmd/snap: add self-strace to `snap run`
    - interfaces/screen-inhibit-control,network-status: fix dbus path
      and interface typos
    - update-pot: Force xgettext() to return true
    - store: cleanup test naming, dropping remoteRepo  and
      UbuntuStore(Repository)? references
    - store: reorg auth refresh

Date: 2018-06-22 07:50:10.076380+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <michael.vogt at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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