[apparmor] test git repo

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Sat Sep 30 05:50:56 UTC 2017


Steve Beattie:
> Please feel free to take check out it,

At first glance it looks good!

I've compared the content of the trees and they are the same (modulo
the last revision in bzr that I guess will be converted before the
final switch).

One thing I've noticed is that the way changes are backported from
master to older branches (i.e. tons of cherry-picks) makes history
hard to analyze, i.e. it's very hard to tell "what do we have in
master but not in apparmor-2.11". One way we fix that problem in other
projects is to fork topic branches not off master, but off the oldest
maintenance branch the topic branch is a candidate for, and then we
merge the topic branch into all candidate maintenance branches, no
cherry-pick involved, no commit duplication, and history becomes more
useful :)

> as I'd like to cut over permanently to git in the next day or two.

/me is excited!

Thanks a lot for doing this work.


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