[apparmor] AppArmor and kernel capabilities

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Tue Sep 19 02:21:32 UTC 2017

>> This raises some questions to me. First, does dac_override honor the
>> folder permission rules within the profile? For example, if there is a
>> rule "/foo/** r," does dac_override this rule?
>> (...)
> So gpg was run as root and tried to read, write, or execute, a file
> (or write to a directory) that it did not have access to via the usual
> Unix permissions. It was able to operate on the file because it was run
> as root and had CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE in its effective permissions.

Thanks for explanation. Things look clearer now.
But, one thing I still don´t get. Isn´t there a collision between
dac_override and permission rules in AA profiles?

Assume I have such a read only rule in the profile:

audit capability dac_override,
/tmp/foo r,

does dac_override now grant write access to /tmp/foo or does the rule
/tmp/foo r, have more priority than dac_override? To me this looks like
a permission collision  I am not sure how it get handled....


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