[apparmor] Add Eye of GNOME profile.

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Sun Feb 28 13:56:07 UTC 2016


cypherpunks at sigaint.org wrote (22 Feb 2016 00:44:02 GMT) :
> AppArmor profile for eog upstreamed.

First: thank you for working on this! I think it'll be a valuable
addition to our (Debian / Tails / other distros) AppArmor policy :)

> Originally I posted on the Tails tracker, and they told me to send
> it upstream to Debian. Debian told me to send it
> upstream to AppArmor, so now I'm here.

That's not quite what I meant, but whatever, we're getting there!

[Sorry our documentation wasn't apparently helpful enough. I've re-read
the page I had pointed you to initially
(https://wiki.debian.org/AppArmor/Contribute/Upstream) and don't
understand how we end up here ⇒ if you want to take time explaining us
(the Debian AppArmor team, pkg-apparmor-team at lists.alioth.debian.org)
what path you followed exactly, this could help us improve
the documentation.]

Anyway, back to the topic. Wrt. the proposed profile, I'm redirecting
this to the upstream AppArmor mailing-list (apparmor at lists.ubuntu.com).
Let's follow up there :)

> Anyway, here's a profile for Eye of GNOME. How's it look?

It looks fine to me. On what operating system(s) / version(s) has it
been tested?

> Can I get this packaged into Debian's apparmor-profiles?

I think we rather want to include it in the upstream bzr
apparmor-profiles repo, and then we can put it into the
apparmor-profiles-extra Debian package. Yes, all this is confusing,
sorry. Here's a table that might help (thanks to Ulrike again for
creating it!):



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