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Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Mon Feb 8 22:23:56 UTC 2016


Am Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016, 05:35:25 CET schrieb Kshitij Gupta:
> On 07-Feb-2016 3:54 am, "Christian Boltz" <apparmor at cboltz.de> wrote:
> > Helau!
> Interesting greeting! Some Viking warcry?

No, see below ;-)

> > Any comments or reviews on these patches?
> I'll try to review some of them today or this week.


> > Christian 'Viking for four days' Boltz
> I need to know the story behind this! 

Well, it's carnival time again - and this year, we (the rural youth of 
Insheim) chose to be Vikings. We are on tour on some carnival parades 
(the first one was on saturday, the last one is tomorrow), which sums up 
to four days ;-)

To come back to your first question - "Helau" is a "Narrenruf" (literally 
"Jester Cry") and is something we shout a lot these days. It's typically 
split to He-lau, and the people watching the carnival parades (and other 
carnival events) are expected to shout the "-lau" part).

See also http://paste.opensuse.org/a3dd4fb0 for quite some Vikings ;-)

> And what it entails!!!

Basically we follow the openSUSE /etc/motd - Have a lot of fun... ;-)


Christian Boltz
> Ich versuchs mal so zu sagen: Ich versuche gerade, dich laaaangsam
> ins kalte Wasser zu schubsen.
ich mag kein kaltes Wasser, las  uns die weiteren Tests nach Playa
de Santiago verlegen, da dürfte das Wasser jetzt ca. 20° C haben.
[> Ratti und Gerald Goebel in fontlinge-devel]
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