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Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Sat Feb 6 22:24:14 UTC 2016


Several of my patches didn't get a review since (much) more than a week. 
Will someone review them, or should I just commit them as Acked-by 

a) apparmor.d.pod changes (also for 2.10 and 2.9)

==> apparmor.d.pod-deny-x.diff <==
apparmor.d.pod: document 'deny x'

==> apparmor.d.pod-explain-append.diff <==
apparmor.d.pod: add details about append and creating files

==> document-empty-quotes-in-variables.diff <==
Document empty quotes ("") as empty value of a variable

b) profile updates (also for 2.10 and 2.9)

==> profiles-dovecot-lda.diff <==
dovecot-lda profile: allow tempfiles and executing sendmail

c) various utils fixes (some of them also for 2.10 and 2.9)

==> 43-prevent-crash-by-serialize_profile_from_old_profile.diff <==
Prevent crash caused by serialize_profile_from_old_profile()

==> 45-change-log_dict-to-profile_storage.diff <==
Change log_dict to use profile_storage() and simplify log translation

==> 46-serialize_profile_from_old_profile-fix-wrong-access-to-write_prof_data.diff <==
Fix wrong usage of write_prof_data in serialize_profile_from_old_profile()

==> 47-fix-multi-profile-mergeprof-crash.diff <==
Fix aa-mergeprof crash with files containing multiple profiles

==> 48-add-more-ruletypes-to-cleanprof-test.diff <==
Add more ruletypes to the cleanprof test profiles

==> 61-autodep-remove-pname-bin_name-mapping.diff <==
Remove pname to bin_name mapping in autodep()

==> 62-ptrace-peer-strip-quotes.diff <==
Handle quoted peers when parsing ptrace rules

==> 66-add-tests-for-get_output-and-get_reqs.diff <==
Add tests for aa.py get_output() and get_reqs()

==> 67-get_output-dont-ignore-non-executable.diff <==
aa.py get_output(): raise exception on non-executable or non-existing programs

==> 68-logparser-check-sanity-of-all-file-events.diff <==
logparser.py: do sanity check for all file events

==> 69-error-out-on-dir-exec.diff <==
Error out if the log contains an exec event for a directory
(this patch is quite new, but I'm sure it will  time out before someone 
reviews all the other patches *eg*)

d) the DBus series

==> 52-add-match-group-to-RE_PROFILE_DBUS.diff <==
[1/9] add a named match group to RE_PROFILE_DBUS

==> 53-add-strip_parenthesis.diff <==
[2/9] Add strip_parenthesis() to regex.py

==> 54-add-DbusRule.diff <==
[3/9] Add DbusRule and DbusRuleset classes

==> 55-handle-dbus-events-in-parse_event.diff <==
[4/9] Add support for dbus events in parse_event()

==> 56-add-test-dbus.diff <==
[5/9] Add tests for DbusRule and DbusRuleset

==> 57-use-DbusRule.diff <==
[6/9] Use DbusRule and DbusRuleset

==> 58-delete-DBUS_Rule-class.diff <==
[7/9] Remove the DBUS_Rule class

==> 59-enable-DbusRule-everywhere.diff <==
[8/9] Add support for handling dbus rules everywhere

==> 60-add-logprof-support-for-dbus-events.diff <==
[9/9] Add support for dbus events to aa-logprof

Any comments or reviews on these patches?

If nobody objects, I'll commit it on Thursday as Acked-by <timeout>
(except patch 69, which times out on Friday ;-)


Christian 'Viking for four days' Boltz
OMG I'm not perfect! Please don't tell anyone!
[Henne Vogelsang in opensuse-wiki]
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