[apparmor] 2.9 backport candidates

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Sat Jun 6 14:59:36 UTC 2015


some of the patches I commited to trunk in the last weeks are also 
relevant for the 2.9 branch IMHO. I propose the following patches for 
the 2.9 branch:

(The commit headline should point you to the commit, and explain what 
the patches do. If you prefer to see the patch content, just ask for 

==> 10-tests-tempdir.msg <==
Add tempdir and tempfile handling to AATest

==> 34-minitools_test-use-no-reload.msg <==
Change minitools_test.py to use aa-* --no-reload

==> 35-minitools_test-fix-all-tests.msg <==
Fix all tests in minitools_test.py

==> 37-aa-audit-warn-about-disabled-profiles.msg <==
Let aa-audit print a warning if a profile is disabled

==> 38-aa-complain-delete-disable-symlink.msg <==
Let aa-complain delete the disable symlink

==> 43-update-comments-in-minitools_test.py.msg <==
Update comments in minitools_test.py

==> aa-notify-complain.msg <==
aa-notify: also display notifications for complain mode events

==> profiles-samba-4.2.msg <==
Update Samba profiles for Samba 4.2

==> anything else? <==
did I miss another patch that we should backport to 2.9?

I'd say we should release 2.9.3 soon - the 2.9 branch got some important 
fixes since 2.9.2 (for example changing hat flags in aa-complain etc.) 
already, and the above patches fix more issues.


Christian Boltz
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Klar ;-) Ich vergesse immer, dass in Linux mindestens ein weiteres
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