[apparmor] GTK+ 3

Michael McConville mmcconv1 at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Mon Jul 27 17:09:58 UTC 2015

intrigeri wrote:
> Michael McConville wrote:
> > I included them in a profile for Pidgin 3.0, which hasn't been
> > released yet and uses these newer dep versions. However, it was
> > failing after trying to access libdc1394, which is associated with
> > GStreamer. Looking at the abstractions, it seems that only GTK+ 2
> > and GStreamer 0.1 are currently supported.
> Where did you get these profiles from? The exact source and version of
> the involved package(s) would help.

Version 1.4ubuntu1 from the Ubuntu 15.04 repos. All other AppArmor
packages are version 2.9.1-0ubuntu9.

I'll try to reproduce the problem and send it to the list.


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