[apparmor] [patch 22/26] change syntax to specify a signals target from

John Johansen john.johansen at canonical.com
Fri Mar 28 22:00:10 UTC 2014

On 03/27/2014 08:45 AM, john.johansen at canonical.com wrote:

The following patch is a fix to 22/26


fix: the what names can treated as a condlistid

The match

is too broad causing mount and dbus rules to fail for sets of values eg.

  mount options=(ro bind)

Instead of doing a broad match, for now lets lock it down to just
peer=(...) being the only cond that can cause entry into CONDLISTID

Signed-off-by: John Johansen <john.johansen at canonical.com>
 parser/parser_lex.l |    2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

--- 2.9-test.orig/parser/parser_lex.l
+++ 2.9-test/parser/parser_lex.l
@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@
-	{VARIABLE_NAME}/{WS}*={WS}*\(	{
+	peer/{WS}*={WS}*\(	{
 		/* we match to the = in the lexer so that we can switch scanner
 		 * state.  By the time the parser see the = it may be too late
 		 * as bison may have requested the next token from the scanner

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