[apparmor] Initial thoughts on profiling with signal and ptrace

Jamie Strandboge jamie at canonical.com
Tue Mar 25 12:29:20 UTC 2014

On 03/24/2014 11:05 PM, John Johansen wrote:
> On 03/24/2014 08:46 PM, Jamie Strandboge wrote:
>> On 03/24/2014 08:40 PM, John Johansen wrote:
>>> On 03/24/2014 05:58 PM, Jamie Strandboge wrote:
> << snip >>
>>> 3 is easy. We "preseed" the variable substitution routine with a hard coded
>>> check that returns the current profile name.  That may not be the ideal solution
>>> long term but it can be done with just a few lines of code.
>>> We just need to setting on what the variable name needs to be.
>> It sounds like this was all discussed rather extensively and the current
>> behavior is consistent with MAC systems and within itself. That's fine, we can
>> address the behavior in documentation.
> Hrmm I don't know about settled. It was discussed and the general tone was to
> make it explicit and see what it was like, and then re-eval if needed.
> The thing with keeping it explicit atm, is that it is always easier to loosen
> the behavior than it is to tighten it, if we decide the change is necessary.
>> I would like to have us setup the variable though, cause that will make it
>> easier for people and especially for libvirt since we can distro-patch the
>> libvirt-qemu abstraction to have a rule referencing this variable. Ubuntu can
>> then effectively leverage signal mediation for libvirt in 14.04.
> Okay, any votes on a name
> @{current_profile}

> @{profile_name}

> @{profile}

> @{this}

> @{self}

I feel @{profile} doesn't convey 'thisness' enough. Ie, it seems plausible that
someone might declare that variable in their policy. @{profile_name} is ever so
slightly better in my mind. @{current_profile} feels verbose. @{self} and
@{this} are both ok, but for some reason @{this} stands out as better.

I'm fine with all but @{profile}.

> lower case vs upper case letters?
We've tended to use uppercase for other tunables (multiarch is the only
exception I know of that doesn't). Because of that and since tunables/kernelvars
are all lowercase and we expect those to become full-on kernel vars, I think I
prefer lowercase.

> Note: I would rather avoid @{label} because profile is not necessarily equivalent
> to the label. The label is a runtime thing that may be a profile or the dynamic
> composition of profiles.

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