[apparmor] [patch] modify regression tests to use USE_SYSTEM to select parser

Seth Arnold seth.arnold at canonical.com
Sat Mar 1 06:15:42 UTC 2014


The Ubuntu QRT tests for AppArmor 2.8.95 are failing when running the
'upstream' regression tests:

running access
Fatal Error (): AppArmor parser '/tmp/testlibXaSBb9/source/trusty/apparmor-2.8.95~2402/tests/regression/apparmor/../../../parser/apparmor_parser' is not executable

This is becuse the uservars.inc file that defined the location of the
AppArmor parser hasn't yet been modified to use the USE_SYSTEM environment
variable to select between the system parser or a parser built in the
source tree.

(Note that the message -feels- like a missing library symbol or binary
format handler, but it's really just a message from prologue.inc when the
pathname fails the if -x test -- in this case, the file doesn't even exist.
We can probably improve this error message too.)

So, this patch makes two uservars.inc.* files, modifies the Makefile to
copy the correct one in place, and has 'make clean' delete it again. This
should allow local modifications to the uservars.inc file to persist, but
won't handle repeated "make clean all tests" with a non-standard parser.

I'm not thrilled with this patch but it seems to work. Any better ideas?


Signed-off-by: Seth Arnold <seth.arnold at canonical.com>

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