[apparmor] [patch] fix disabling printk_ratelimit in aa-genprof

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Mon Jun 9 18:33:28 UTC 2014


aa-genprof failed to set /proc/sys/kernel/printk_ratelimit to 0 
(unlimited) because the "if not value:" check matches 0.

This patch replaces the check with "... is None".

=== modified file 'utils/aa-genprof'
--- utils/aa-genprof    2014-05-21 19:42:43 +0000
+++ utils/aa-genprof    2014-06-09 18:31:07 +0000
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
     return value
 def sysctl_write(path, value):
-    if not value:
+    if value is None:
     with open(path, 'w') as f_out:


Christian Boltz
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