[apparmor] cross-distribution profile repo

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Sun Jul 27 17:47:36 UTC 2014


I discussed a bit with intrigeri about a profile repo for cross-distribution 
usage and profile sharing. Here's the log - feedback welcome ;-)

[19:04:10] <cboltz> BTW: we should find a solution for managing distro-specific profiles
[19:04:18] <cboltz> and, more important, sharing them between distros ;-)
[19:07:02] <intrigeri> yep. I still have an unfinished draft reply on the relevant thread
[19:07:10] <intrigeri> ... with low-hanging fruits action items.
[19:08:47] <cboltz> just as a quick idea: http://paste.opensuse.org/96760488

+ apparmor-profiles
  |-- debian
  |   |-- Wheezy
  |   '-- Jessie
  |-- openSUSE
  |   |-- 12.3
  |   '-- 13.1
  '-- Ubuntu
      |-- Trusty_Tahr
      '-- Utopic_Unicorn

[19:08:58] <cboltz> that would be a repo layout I can imagine
[19:09:11] <cboltz> and the goal would be to get the profiles "upwards"
[19:09:33] <cboltz> for example from "openSUSE/13.1" to "openSUSE" and finally to / (= all distributions)
[19:09:59] <cboltz> OTOH, the subdirectories would override the upwards directories
[19:10:21] <cboltz> so you could have a profile specific for openSUSE 13.1 even if there is one in "/" or "openSUSE"
[19:10:42] <cboltz> do you think this layout would work?
[19:13:36] <intrigeri> I'm sorry, I don't have the problem in my mental space right now, so I can't reason on it.
[19:14:07] <intrigeri> But at first glance, it looks good. I think I would use branches instead of directories, though.
[19:14:14] <intrigeri> Branches allow easier merging.
[19:14:28] <intrigeri> No idea how bzr is good at that. I'm a Git guy.
[19:15:08] <cboltz> the "problem" with branches is that you have a not-so-central place or even multiple branched repos
[19:15:29] <cboltz> my goal is to have plain directories, which means everything is at one place
[19:15:33] <intrigeri> oh, all these branches could very well live in the same repo.
[19:18:37] <cboltz> yes, but they are still a bit more "difficult" to handle than plain directories ;-)
[19:18:52] <cboltz> (but that are technical details)
[19:19:11] <intrigeri> I think it's a function of how well the people interacting with this repo know the VCS it uses.
[19:19:24] <intrigeri> E.g. if it was Git, then it's easier for me to deal with branches than directories.
[19:19:31] <intrigeri> But I agree, these are details.
[19:19:42] <intrigeri> (and if it's bzr, then I do prefer directories too ;)
[19:20:54] <intrigeri> cboltz: and anyway: thanks a lot for thinking about it, and for raising it on my todo list :)
[19:23:43] <cboltz> I also want to have more profiles in openSUSE, so having a repo for all distros would be a good start ;-)
[19:23:56] <intrigeri> yay.
[19:24:09] <intrigeri> I think we're more or less in the same boat.


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