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Seth Arnold seth.arnold at canonical.com
Wed Jun 12 18:04:32 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 10:55:50AM -0700, John Johansen wrote:
> > Till then, can someone help me out with the use case for the write
> > function of the profile tools? I'm not sure if I'm thinking in the
> > appropriate way. How are users expected to modify the config files?
> > I can understand reading the config files to do some processing such
> > as deciding severity, etc. But about modifying Im not very sure, any
> > pointers on that will be helpful.
> > 
> Well it would be nice if the user could set the tool config options
> from within the tool (just like you can change preferences within
> firefox, instead of having to manually edit a file), but I would say
> it isn't required at least not for a first pass.
> So things you might want to be able to do
> - add a new entry to the severity db
> - change the severity of an entry in the severity db
> - add a new regex pattern to the known defaults (keeps bash etc. from
>   getting an attaching profile when doing targeted confinement).
> - change the locale
> - turn on/off the repository (assuming we get one again)
> - add new suggestion patterns

Also consider the "list of locally created profiles" that would be
directly modified and the "list of profiles acquired from elsewhere"
that would have their corresponding <local/application> abstraction
updated instead.

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