[apparmor] [Merge] lp:~dmitrij.ledkov/apparmor/py3 into lp:apparmor

Evan Dandrea evan.dandrea at canonical.com
Mon Jun 11 17:36:19 UTC 2012

> -        print open(i).read()
> +        sys.stdout.write(open(i).read()+"\n")

This will leak fds, which python wonderfully loudly complains about in Python 3. It's also a good opportunity to replace any pairs of open() and close() with a with statement. If an open() and close() isn't wrapped in a with or try/finally, I would argue that is a bug.
Your team AppArmor Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~dmitrij.ledkov/apparmor/py3 into lp:apparmor.

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