[apparmor] About to start on MinorFs2, input welcomed.

Rob Meijer pibara at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 15:42:24 UTC 2011

Just finished the first draft for the specs and design for MinorFs2.

I'm really exited at where this might lead to, and sad at the same time
for having to give up the relatively pure model of the first MinorFs.

IMO MinorFs2 has the potential to finally render exploitation of the
shared nature of $HOME and $TEMP a thing of the past and provide a
migration path for developers and package/distribution builders to
gradually move to higher levels of granularity.

MinorFs2 shall come at a price: purity of model. Its a bit sad, but I
think its time to move on to a more practical approach and solve the real
problems things like bitcoin and web browsers face with current day shared
state $HOME usage.

I'm about to start rewriting efforts in Python (abandoning Perl).


Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially from an AppArmor
point of view.

(Note: had to close down account creation on the wiki due to problems with
wiki spammers. Let me know if you want an account on the wiki)

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