[apparmor] [PATCH 07/10] Lindent + some hand cleanups expr-tree

Seth Arnold seth.arnold at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 10:29:01 UTC 2011

>>>        //return ???;
>> It really would be nice to know more about this. :)
> well its dead code that I didn't change,
> longer version its code I was writing to do char set merging and
> splitting but I ran out of time to finish it up.  I left it in place
> to come back to it another time, and its sat since.
> And now, well I have a series of patches that completely reworks how
> the tree simplification works so the code will be dropped as soon as I
> can finish up that series.

Awesome! :) Thanks for indulging my curiosity. :)

> gah, I really thought I got all those, but I guess after staring at
> all the lindent breakage after a while its all to easy to miss a few

Oh good lord, I hadn't realized that the corrects that seemed 'fine'
were ones that you hand-corrected. I think you're right, doing all the
cleanups by hand would have been faster, and you probably would have
missed only the one cleanup that looked like it removed extra space at
the end of a line. Hehe.

Thanks John

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