[apparmor] [PATCH] 1/10 abstraction updates

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Wed Dec 22 00:42:03 GMT 2010


Am Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010 schrieb Jamie Strandboge:
> On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 15:50 -0600, Jamie Strandboge wrote:
> > This patch set is a bunch of abstraction updates that have been
> > accumulating.
> > 0001-abstractions-use-vim-syntax.patch
> Update abstractions to use vim syntax highlighting. Previously some
> did and some did not. This update makes them all use it.

The openSUSE vim package contains a patch for vim's filetype.vim to set
ft=apparmor for /etc/apparmor.d/* and /etc/apparmor/profiles/*

That's probably a solution other distributions should use also ;-)

Maybe the best solution would be pushing apparmor.vim and the filetype.vim 
patch upstream, however I first have to find out how to submit patches to 

(This doesn't mean you shouldn't add the vim: comment - for distributions
that don't do this it will still be useful.)

Here's the patch:

diff -rupN vim73.orig/runtime/filetype.vim vim73/runtime/filetype.vim                                                                                                                                                                      
--- vim73.orig/runtime/filetype.vim 2010-08-03 22:44:00.000000000 +0200
+++ vim73/runtime/filetype.vim  2010-11-21 05:43:34.224214064 +0100
@@ -113,6 +113,10 @@ au BufNewFile,BufRead proftpd.conf*        cal
 au BufNewFile,BufRead .htaccess,/etc/httpd/*.conf       setf apache
 au BufNewFile,BufRead httpd.conf*,srm.conf*,access.conf*,apache.conf*,apache2.conf*,/etc/apache2/*.conf*,/etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf* call 

+" AppArmor
+au BufNewFile,BufRead */etc/apparmor.d/*   setf apparmor
+au BufNewFile,BufRead */etc/apparmor/profiles/*    setf apparmor
 " XA65 MOS6510 cross assembler
 au BufNewFile,BufRead *.a65            setf a65


Christian Boltz
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