Mozilla SeaMonkey was rejected

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Fri Jun 29 05:18:07 UTC 2012

Thank you for your patience during the moderation process.

Current status:  Your application Mozilla SeaMonkey must be resubmitted.

What does this mean?
There was a problem with approving your application.  Please address the issue and then kindly resubmit your application.

The moderators noted the issue to be addressed as follows: 
Thanks for your submission, but we unfortunately cannot accept applications of this complexity for The application submitter is responsible for providing a source package that will build in a PPA as well as security updates when required, and the Application Review Board does code & packaging reviews.
May I suggest contacting the Ubuntu Mozilla Team ( & offering to help them out if you wish to see Seamonkey included in Ubuntu?  

Visit the developer portal at to find out more.
To view your application, go to


The Ubuntu Software Center team
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