Towards a cleverer apps-brancher: I need help

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Jun 25 15:09:52 UTC 2012


On 22.06.2012 15:19, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> the apps-brancher is doing alright, if the submissions contains an
> up-to-date tarball. Andrew Mitchell was quite right when he requested
> as a lot of
> submissions have comments including links to PPAs or branches on LP.
> It'd be very nice if you'd help me test the regexes in
> together with me on a few pages, so we can test if all the possible
> branches/PPAs are found and we can use them instead of the submitted
> (possibly outdated) tarball.

Thanks a lot Andrew and Andrew for helping out and testing this.

I pushed some work into lp:~dholbach/apps-brancher/1012064 which should
get us a mentioned branch instead of the imported tarball, if a branch
is found.

It'd be good to try this out on a few submissions and see if it brings
us the expected results. You can easily try it by running something like:


I'm excited to see these gradual improvements flowing into the
apps-brancher. :-)

Have a great day,

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