Resigning from the ARB

Allison Randal allison at
Fri Jul 27 15:26:37 UTC 2012

On 07/27/2012 10:37 AM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> This probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to most of you, but I'm
> resigning from the ARB.
> The reasons are that I just don't have enough time to commit to it, just
> the voting recently has taken more time than I really have to commit to
> it, and that's not close to enough. There's a huge effort required to
> make the process scalable and smooth out some of the problems.
> Unfortunately I just can't commit to it, and making more time available
> would mean compromising my commitments on other projects (like Edubuntu)
> that are more important to me right now and where I'm more required.

Thanks Jonathan, and completely understood. I really don't know how you
managed to get through 50+ app reviews in a couple of weeks. It was a
super-human effort.

> I can hang around a bit and try to help out with the competition
> submissions where I can until that blows over, but since we've been a
> little short on ARB members for a while I think it might possibly be a
> good idea to do a call for new ARB members and get the board up to a
> full staff level again.

We'll definitely do a round of recruiting as soon as we get through the
app showdown.

But, the whole experience of the competition really raises a question of
whether having a limited set of "gatekeepers" on app review works at
all. It certainly doesn't scale to a rapid influx like this competition.
Volunteers have a number of hours to contribute each week, and can't
just arbitrarily create an infinite number of additional hours out of
thin air. I was concerned about scalability from the very beginning, but
for the first couple of years we managed to just barely lag behind the
rate of submissions. That's not going to be possible now (it's not just
about the initial influx of apps, there's also updates to review).

We have our monthly ARB meeting today, so perhaps this is a good time to
talk about whether the best thing to do is continue with our current ARB
structure, or just merge back into Ubuntu Dev/MOTU.

> It's been great working with you, you're all really nice people. :)

You too! :)


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