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Bhavani Shankar R bhavi at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 25 01:25:11 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 3:13 AM, John Vrbanac <john.vrbanac at linux.com> wrote:
> On 07/24/2012 10:09 AM, Bhavani Shankar R wrote:
>> On a side note: what is the format of readme.md file and what does
>> Screenshots:
>> ![List view]
>> (https://github.com/CaledoniaProject/Minicast/raw/master/contrib/screenshot.png
>> "Desktop screenshot")
>> lines do?
> Re: .md file type
> The .md file-type generally stands for markdown. I've seen it used quite
> heavily in GitHub repos.
> Re: Screenshot lines
> That would be the syntax for an inline image in markdown.
> Thanks y'all for catching those! Sorry that I didn't catch those right out
> of the gate. That's what I get for trying to finish a review before the end
> of my lunch break lol. I'll try to be more vigilant in the future.

Thanks John for the explanation. IIRC Readme.md files are used to
generate a html summary of the project in its  usage wrt Github. In
which case including a normal README file (a text file) in the package
could be better I think.

 Comments welcome.


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