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Current status:  Your application NitroShare Needs Information.

We need some more information
Please respond to this request from our approval team, and then resubmit your application:
Thanks a lot for your submission. This is a review for inclusion into the Ubuntu Software Center, so this is unrelated to the currently running app competition.

Your app looks great and the packaging is good as well. Unfortunately does the current app policy tell us to move everything (minus a few exceptions) to /opt. The nautilus extension you ship unfortunately is not one of them, yet.

In the current state the app is therefore a no-go, but you have the following options:
 - for now ship without the nautilus extension (if possible)
 - start a discussion with app-review-board at to get an extension from the Technical Board for nautilus extensions 
 - follow and get the app included in Ubuntu proper

Sorry about this, but I hope you see this answer as encouragement to seek one of the 3 options above.

Visit the developer portal at to find out more.
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The Ubuntu Software Center team
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